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Book cover about underage drinking and peer pressure. Go to:

Drinking genes: Alcoholism in the family

Sep 1 • 215 Views • No Comments

I wonder about drinking genes. Alcoholism seems to run in my family. Several of my relatives died from cirrhosis, an illness related to alcoholism. Thank goodness, I’m...

Cooking Genes: Chino-Cuban food

Cooking Genes: Chino-Cubano food

I miss Chino-Cubano food. Although my family’s cooking genes featured a range of old-school Caribbean-Asian fusion, I discovered...

Aug 25 • 237 Views

My Chinese-Caribbean Diaspora family

Caribbean-Chinese Diaspora Genealogy Search

Have you searched for your Caribbean Chinese Diaspora ancestors? I did. I consulted the UK-National Archives. It was part of my research...

Aug 10 • 511 Views

must-have vacation cooking items

How to cook in a vacation rental

Some of you may run from cooking in a vacation rental. Not me. I find it relaxing to explore local markets, head for the kitchen and cook...

Aug 4 • 341 Views

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Sign board on a tree and a bench offers a place for peace and meditation at Columbus, Ohio community garden

Philanthropy is the new marketing: preaching to the converted – food activism

Aug 17 • 299 Views • No Comments

Preaching to the converted is just not enough. Take food activism. Here is a lesson on how philanthropy is the new marketing. This summer we launched a campaign to set...

Do you remember Ebbets Field in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn-Japan Baseball Program

The Brooklyn-Japan Baseball Program was our global natural disaster project with the Japan government, Long Island...

Jul 27 • 293 Views


BBC Radio Academy Award-Gold!

I am honored to announce that the BBC Radio program featuring my interview and storytelling among others, recently...

May 13 • 577 Views

sample archival photo

Fall, Winter Internships 2014 – NYC multicultural media

Fall, Winter internships 2014 – NYC multicultural media Qualifications: Exposure to documentary production and...

Mar 23 • 880 Views