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My Sheroes

Mar 22 • 171 Views • No Comments

My Sheroes, by Carrie Stewart, Guest writer (in honor of Women’s History Month) My sheroes are all part of the Civil Rights movement. I was fortunate as a white...

Wise, wonderful women quotes

By Monique Y. Wells, Guest Blogger (In honor of Women’s History Month 2015) We women are wise and wonderful! As Dr. Glenda Newell-Harris...

Mar 17 • 165 Views

"Flying Home" by Faith Ringgold-mosaic mural at 125th street station.

Boomer pride

Boomer pride By Victoria Grant, Guest writer (In honor of Women’s History Month.) I am a Baby Boomer, born nine months after the end...

Mar 5 • 233 Views

mother and daughter

Mom, my shero

Mom, my shero By Ananda Leeke, Guest Writer (In honor of Women’s History Month) Musician. Feminist. Sorority Leader. Educator....

Mar 3 • 332 Views

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Island Flowers

Turks & Caicos memories

Mar 25 • 75 Views • No Comments

Turks & Caicos is where I go to unwind and un-plug. “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political...

Audience development

Audience development can be seen in show business, politics, and the Civil Rights movement. How do you get people to...

Mar 10 • 129 Views

Guest writer project

Calling guest writers! There’s still time to participate in ‘Narrative Network’s Women’s...

Mar 6 • 107 Views

recruting at college job fairs

8 tips on recruiting at college fairs

I was invited to participate at a Seven Sisters College career fair. The timing couldn’t have been better. Exciting...

Jan 18 • 301 Views

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