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Review archival photos and artifacts before taking your genealogy vacation.

Top 5 Genealogy Vacation Tips

Apr 18 • 181 Views • No Comments

I love to combine vacations with genealogy research trips. I experience deja vu and can almost feel my ancestor’s spirits guiding me. To walk the same streets, eat the...

Diverse, multicultural young chefs

Diverse aspiring chefs compete for scholarships

The pressure of a four-star kitchen was recreated as 21 multicultural NYC public high school student finalists faced off in a cooking...

Apr 6 • 236 Views

Promises Kept Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and in Life cover

‘Promises Kept’ a Toolkit for Raising Black Boys

Promises Kept-Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and In Life is the companion book to the documentary American Promise Project that...

Apr 2 • 366 Views

All Saints Church, features Gothic architecture, is sometimes called the St. Patrick's Cathedral of Harlem.

Identity papers: Searching Catholic Church records

I wonder how many native New Yorkers looked to the Catholic Church for proof of their identity. If you are a native New Yorker, unmarried,...

Mar 29 • 261 Views

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sample archival photo

Internships – multicultural media projects

Mar 23 • 251 Views • No Comments

Summer Internships available for seasonal community media projects. Fall & Winter semester internships (paid) will be available. Qualifications: Exposure to...

Coming to the Table-NYC chapter meeting

Coming to the Table on TV – Genealogy

Watch the Episode here: 503 Coming to The Table.mpeg-2-Apple TV from Toni Williams on Vimeo. I was honored to...

Jan 26 • 493 Views

Sylvia Wong Lewis, Digital Sister of the Year award winner, will be on the radio, Sunday, December 8, 9pm.

Digital Sister of the Year: Radio Interview

Please tune in to Narrative Network founder, Sylvia Wong Lewis, Sunday, December 8th, 9pm, on digital radio with Ananda...

Dec 8 • 241 Views

Billie Holiday recording the song Strange Fruit in 1939.

On BBC Radio: ‘Strange Fruit’ song still endures

Sylvia Wong Lewis, Narrative Network founder, is featured on BBC Radio program Soul Music, on an episode called...

Nov 25 • 439 Views